House Of Unter

August – It was time to say goodbye to summer

Lucas et Ana, loin de la fête et loin des cocotiers avaient le bourdon a l'idée de se quitter : le mois d'Aout venait d'arriver

On every holiday club,

You’ll find them :

The ones that make a sad face

And the party didn’t even began


Lucas and Ana did’t want a party

Their lives were too serious

There were too many people to run away from

Too many walls surrounding them


The bamboo ones would for sure catch fire quickly

But the ones made from stone

Cold within their hearts

were there forever

And the summer lightness

had now slowly taken a really bitter taste


In this Holiday club

One of them will forever be clandestine

And there were only 5 minutes left

Before they have to run, again


Here, motivation for sport was never a very fitted handsome coach

And even more never a upbeat electro song

It was all about never letting anyone

Separate their hands they held so strongly since they met

Staying together was now the only reason to survival







House Of Unter

July, drowned in the sea

Julius et Untergaarden à la plage, on été attaqués par des oursins et sont couverts de pansements


A lot of people enjoy to be tanned

enjoy surfing, swimming, feel alive on the beach

Feel alive on the sand, under the palmtrees, a coconut in the hand

Feel alive exploring the world or just getting in touch with their sibling

But for people like us, summer is just like drowning slowly

In a ocean of boredom

and dying, killed by the sting of our own thoughts.


Since they’re free of any occupation

they’re more poisonous than ever.

Freaking jellyfishes


J.& U.

House Of Unter

June is all about what you hide

Où Jarvis révèle à D. qu'il a toute une oeuvre cachée et invendable

Everybody thought Jarvis as edgy, unapologetic, provocative and trendy

but deep inside he was a cheesy emo painter who only cared about expressing the dark beauty of his romantic heart.

But none of THESE paintings was selling

So he goes on pretending he’s all about sex and dicks and tongues and the hypocrisy of the human puritanity versus capitalism in the age of the internet

But alone at night, he secretly paints mysterious unknown women he falls in love with, listening to Celine Dion.




House Of Unter

May won’t you go away ?

Erika was over her sister trying

To get back to her

To be friend again

Like nothing ever happened between them.


She wanted to be alone

She was pregnant from the boss

She wanted the world to explode

Yeah, really, the last thing she wanted was flowers, shopping afternoon and café with cupcakes.


All behind their windows, neighbors were trying to guess

Was the finale confrontation about to begin ?







House Of Unter

Let’s go back to THIS April.

Obviously, Marvin was still living in his old man rotten van,

Mine was back, and already asking for a lot of trouble

D. was still forgetting his own name time to time,

and Vince was now almost always forgetting to call us when back in town,

since he was on his track to become the perfect son .


But … well, the donuts were still free

The songs played by the band still cheesy

And nobody was dead yet,


So you could see smile on our faces

As we were not the pariah of the village…


There were only two weeks left, before the apocalypse begin.




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