House Of Unter

May won’t you go away ?

Erika was over her sister trying

To get back to her

To be friend again

Like nothing ever happened between them.


She wanted to be alone

She was pregnant from the boss

She wanted the world to explode

Yeah, really, the last thing she wanted was flowers, shopping afternoon and café with cupcakes.


All behind their windows, neighbors were trying to guess

Was the finale confrontation about to begin ?







House Of Unter

Let’s go back to THIS April.

Obviously, Marvin was still living in his old man rotten van,

Mine was back, and already asking for a lot of trouble

D. was still forgetting his own name time to time,

and Vince was now almost always forgetting to call us when back in town,

since he was on his track to become the perfect son .


But … well, the donuts were still free

The songs played by the band still cheesy

And nobody was dead yet,


So you could see smile on our faces

As we were not the pariah of the village…


There were only two weeks left, before the apocalypse begin.




House Of Unter

November In The Rain

Ariel et Shun

Were on the road for hours and hours

They were one thumb away from a third type encounter

But is was nevertheless the best of all their lives


Ok, maybe they were about to end up in pieces in this car trunk

Or maybe to be buried in the forest ?

Or sold like slave, in a faraway country?

They couldn’t care less :

They have felt Love, Life, Wind in their hair for the first time


They were far too hungry to go on like this forever

This level of irresponsibility was unprecedented

But at least, they were together, forever

I was a little bit jealous, I have to say




House Of Unter

Let’s Run from October when there’s still time


Perfect timing to run away from maths

Perfect timing to run away from stares, gloomy walls, grids

And the worst meals of the entire universe


All that Lucas wanted was to go back to Thailand

It was certainly hell but not as hellish as here

All that Ana wanted was to stick with him

Even she certainly had nothing to do in Thailand


The only mission left was to find plane tickets

Or at least some money to buy them

But there were no-one left alive to beg


So Lucas rushed into his father’s old office

And invented from nothing a story of long-lost-treasure-to-be-find

Surprisingly, everybody bought it

Unsurprisingly, they all wanted to come with them.









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